What is this place?

This is my personal site where I’d like to start posting about things that I’m doing in and outside of school. Right now I’m a student at OSU studying CS and Engineering and Working as a Video editor part-time.

Video editing

I edit video part time while I’m in school. If you have any video editing needs personal, business, Youtube or otherwise; I’m your guy. Check out the video editing page!

Computer Science

I’m also a student currently at THE Ohio State University, studying computer science. If you are here looking to hire I’ll link my digital resume here. I don’t keep one with my name and personal info online so if you have any questions or would like a pdf copy, email me at nobudy@nobudy.xyz

Here are some of my recent posts

Melee in 2023 I’d known melee existed as a competitive game for years but until slippi there wasn’t really a way for people to play casually. There had been netplay attempts with melee before but waiting around in lobbys or dolphin’s community servers wasn’t a great experience. I play fox Sometime last month I started playing online while I couldn’t play desktop competitive games. I was playing a lot of lichess and offline gamecube games.
Building this site My site before this was built by hand to learn HTML and CSS. I was excited to have something of my own online but it quickly became neglected because I didn’t have an easy way to add new posts. I would have to login to my server and manually add what I wanted by writing a new page in HTML. I had learned what Hugo was a while ago while trying to find an easier way to make a good looking site that was easy to manage.